Our Services

Live performances and events

We love the excitement that comes with live events. We understand that you're busy focusing on the event and we'll make sure to not get in your way. We'll capture the important moments without interruption of your event.

We create beautiful films of dance and stage performances, conferences, weddings, concerts, festivals and other live events.

Online promo videos and trailers

Sharing your passion with the world is important and we'll make sure to include all that you care about in your promotional video. After discussing your goals, we'll work out a proposal and a time-line. Then all the excitement starts: shooting, interviewing, traveling, editing, everything that your video needs!

We work on promo videos, film and show trailers. We love supporting startups, so even if you're on a tight budget, contact us so we can find the best solution for you.

Documentary films

Documentary films are our true passion. We love learning, digging, researching, meeting new people, hearing their stories and learning about their lives. Documentary film-making is a powerful tool for highlighting social issues and initiating change.

Do you have a project idea? We'd love to hear about it and help you bring it alive or just help you get started.

Meet Zsuzsi

10k Hours Media was created out of great passion for video production. This is a challenging but very fulfilling work for me that makes me get out of bed with excitement every day. I put all my heart into the work I do, and take my clients' vision very seriously.

A native of Hungary, I traveled a long way before I arrived here. I studied International Politics, Hungarology, and Mandarin Chinese. I wrote my thesis on national image management, I worked as a language teacher, and managed international relations at the Hungarian government. I did it all with enthusiasm, but when I learned film production at the NW Film Center, I felt true passion in the creativity of working with video. I love the science of cinematography and I never tire of editing.

10k Hours Media is a group of award-winning, Portland-based freelancers that pool our creative efforts to make high quality video production.

The cost of your video depends on your needs and budget. It is influenced by factors such as the number of shots and locations, music, graphics, special effects, etc.

Let's talk about your video ideas! We are here to help you optimize your goals.
Send me an email, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.